Top Ten Best Throwing Knives


Many people engage in sports without necessarily giving too much thought. Knife throwing is a whole different game. You have to really be passionate about it to make this almost dangerous throw of knives a very safe sport.

The majority of enthusiasts prefer to throw knives. Others prefer axes. Essentially for a knife or ax to qualify as a good throwing tool, it must possess various must-have qualities. For instance, the heaviness, blade design, and grip on the handle all cumulatively contribute to throwing accuracy.

A good throw knife exhibits a good balance of these qualities. Accordingly, this article is about the items that we believe match your throwing requirements.

Top Ten Best Throwing Knives


#1. SMITH AND WESSON Axe and Knife Set

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With this Smith and Wesson set, you’ll fulfill your ax and knife throwing desires. Moreover, the knives are uniquely designed to be one of the best throwing knives for no spin. Essentially, the knife doesn’t turn in the air as it aims for the target board.

Besides, the axes have three strike surfaces, which maximizes the ax’s surface area to hit the target. Hence, making this ax a good beginner tool for target practice.

  • Fun-friendly knife and ax set
  • No spin throw knives
  • Large ax cutting surface

#2. SOG Triple Set Throw Axe

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Ax throwing and knife throwing have natural chemistry. The SOG brand outdoes itself in making this incredible bargain of a product. Most importantly, these axes have impressive razor-sharp 1.75-inch tactical blades.

Also, they’re constructed from single piece steel frames to ensure joints do not compromise its strength. Moreover, it’s easy to throw and hit the target with no specific throwing style or unique techniques. Besides, it comes inclusive of an ax sheath.

  • 1.75-inch ax blade
  • Singe piece steel construction for integrity
  • Easy throw ax

#3. SOG Tri-Set Knife Pack

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Like most knives on this list, SOG set is definitely made to impress. For instance, the handle is covered in paracord, allowing you a better grip as you set up for a throw. Moreover, the grip works to prevent knife slip when cutting items in camp.

On the other hand, the paracord handle cover is removable. Also, the straight knife edge penetrates deeper to make it among the best throwing knives for self-defense.

  • Creative paracord knife handle
  • Straight edge for deeper target penetration
  • Paracord handle prevents slips

#4.  COLD STEEL Three-Piece Knives

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Having the right target knife could be the difference between hitting and being off-target. In essence, Cold steel has been balanced to perfection to improve your target hitting chances. Furthermore, carbon steel use makes it a highly durable tool that weathers even the harshest environments.

Moreover, they have lanyard holes to allow easy hang and store display. Finally, the weight of the knives allows smoother and little resistance motion through the air.

  • Lightweight feel to the knives
  • Has  lanyard holes for hanging
  • Premium grade carbon steel knives

#5. PERFECT POINT Knives and Accessories

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If you’ve been desperately searching for an all-inclusive knife throwing pack, your prayers have been answered by Perfect Point. Perfect point pak-712-12 throwing knife comes with a sheath for the knives, a clamshell pack, and a target board. What more would you surely ask for?

Moreover, these stainless steel knives are painted black, which sort of gives them an aggressive look. Lastly, the knives have solid tips that don’t break on throw impact.

  • knives feature strong tips
  • Comes with a target board
  • Knife sheath inclusive package

#6. BRANDLESS Colorful Knife Set

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Firstly, don’t let the name fool you as you’re looking at a very high-quality knife set. Secondly, the set stands out from the competition with its different color shaded knives. Hence, being an absolutely enviable set among your fellow knife throwing friends.

Besides, many factors were taken into account to ensure that using the knife is relatively safer. Thirdly, the knife grips your hand well hence, improving your knife throw accuracy.

  • Amazing knife grip
  • Playful different color choices
  • High-level knife use security


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First and foremost, this item is composed of a sword and knives. Hence, the sword can be used for combat sports as long as you don’t cut each other. On the other hand, the knives are amazing for throwing but can also double as hunting knives.

Snake eye tactical offers you wider use functions than most knife sets. Moreover, it’s affordable for a knife and sword set, making it even more of an attractive purchase.

  • Pocket-friendly knives and sword set
  • Multi-use throwing knives
  • A unique product with the sword inclusion

#8. SMITH AND WESSON Triple Piece Knife Set

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Smith and Wesson is a leading brand in all matters weapon manufacture due to the quality of products they make. Hence, this Smith and Wesson brand reflect all the qualities that the brand is associated with.

Moreover, the blades are made to cater to a range of uses such as throwing or a camping essential. Also, it comes with a belt sheath that you can easily place the knives in and easily reach for them.

  • Multipurpose knife use
  • High-quality brand item
  • Belt sheath provided with knives

#9. SZCO SUPPLIES Satin Knives

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Many knife throwing enthusiasts know a good knife just by holding it in hand. Consequently, Szco supplies have made a knife that handles really well with its unique design.

For example, it’s made of highly durable steel to ensure you never worry about purchasing a replacement. Furthermore, Szco comes with a nylon sheath to have you safely storing them. Lastly, the slightly thicker blade allows better flight momentum than the thinner blade competing knife brand items.

  • Comes with a thick knife blade
  • Handles incredibly well
  • Must have knife enthusiast item

#10.  COLIBROX Six Set Knife

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Colibrox has made an absolute peach of a product with this six-piece knife set. For instance, it has a double blade action, which improves balance. Moreover, the blade is made of toughened steel to give it longevity over practises.

The handle has cutouts to reduce weight and improve aerodynamics as it is cutting through the air to your target. Lastly, a sheath which you can conveniently strap to your arm or leg comes with the knives.

  • Six-piece knife set
  • Durable and strong steel
  • Comes with knife sheath

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