The Best Stainless Steel Vegetable Choppers

Vegetable choppers, just like the name suggests, are used to slice up vegetables, herbs, and even nuts. They are convenient, time-saving, and above all, remarkably safer than knives. On the other hand, some vegetable choppers can cut other non-green foods like soft meat.
Furthermore, vegetable choppers come with solid blades and sharp grating surfaces, all made from stainless steel. A vegetable steel chopper can feature one or more blades. For instance, Fullstar vegetable chopper machines come with four or more blades.
This is the same for other brands as well. Additionally, vegetable choppers take up different forms and designs. Some varieties even imitate the build of a scissor. In this vegetable chopper review, we’ve put down the best of the best choppers.

Best Stainless Steel Vegetable Choppers

#1. MAXAM Steel Chopper

Maxam Vegetable Chopper
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Maxam can smoothly process different types of veggies. Besides cutting, it can smoothly grate carrots, and slice up cucumbers. It comes with up to five interchangeable rustproof cutting cones for different foods.
It requires no electricity to run since it is fully hand-operated. Maxam is all high-end stainless steel and can stand hard foods. Additionally, it comes with a heavy-duty triple-foot stand for ultimate stability during use. It is easy to wash.

  • Comes with different slicing cones
  • Maxam is easy to clean
  • Comes with stability enhancing stands

#2. HOMEASY Steel Food Chopper

Homeasy Meat Grinder
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Homeasy comes with four sharp, sturdy steel blades to chop down your greens in seconds. It runs on a powerful energy-efficient motor. Additionally, the food chopper comes with two easy to operate buttons for different modes, dedicated to veggies and meat.
Homeasy is simple to operate and breaks down any food in seconds. The food chopper comes with a rubber pad, so it does not skid during operation. It is very easy to clean.

  • Runs on a powerful motor
  • Grinds beef and chops veggies
  • Comes with four sharp blades

#3. CUISINART Steel Chopper

Cuisinart CTG-00-SCHP Stainless Steel Chopper
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Cuisinart steel chopper mimics the iconic shape of a bottle. It features a conveniently large push button to get it started. Additionally, it is ideal for vegetables, grinding tough nuts and hard cheese and dicing onions.
Thanks to Cuisinart, you don’t need a knife and a chopping board to dice up ingredients. Moreover, cleaning up the entire chopper is way easy and simple. It is highly portable and ideal for small kitchens.

  • Comes with a large button
  • Cuts up different food types
  • Portable hence easy to carry

#4. SLAP CHOP Mini Kitchen Slicer

Original Slap Chop Slicer with Stainless Steel
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Slap Chop is straight forward and pretty easy to use. It dices up ingredients in a matter of seconds. If you want to make some mean salad meals, you can count on this vegetable dicer to deliver fine cuts.
The blades are high-quality rust-resistant steel. They do not require changing whenever you’re preparing a different meal. Moreover, Slap Chop is simple to clean as all you have to do is open up the system and wash it.

  • Simple, straightforward design
  • Easy to disassemble and maintain
  • Does not need any electricity

#5. MDCGFOD Adjustable Vegetable Slicer

MDCGFOD Mandoline Slicer
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The MDCGFOD is possibly the best vegetable slicer. It is extremely resourceful and can cut up veggies in eighteen or more different styles. It can serve as a grater, vegetable dicer, cut long strips of vegetables, and more.
Moreover, the slicer can adjust it to give you cuts of different thicknesses ranging between one and seven millimeters. It comes with a pull-out knob for picking different cutting modes. Simply pick your preferred gear.

  • Comes with 18 cutting styles
  • Features cuts of different thicknesses
  • Comes with safety guaranteed

#6. SPRING CHEF Large Grater

Spring Chef Box Grater
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The four-sided greater from Spring Chef is all stainless steel with a thick slip-resistant base. Each of the four sides grinds food to different a texture. Additionally, the handle is wide and comfortable for easy grip during use.
Besides vegetables, it can smoothly break down chocolate and cheese to fine pieces. It is fast, efficient, sharp, and safe for anyone. Moreover, Spring Chef is especially good for French fries, carrots, and cabbages.

  • Easy to use for grinding
  • Comes with four different textures
  • Can grind most foods

#7. WOONEY Slicer and Grater

WOONEY Mandoline Slicer
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Wooney comes with four sharp multiuse blades for different grate options. Unlike most graters, it comes with a basket container for holding the ground food. This makes it easy to wash and move the food to the frying pan.
Alternatively, the container can serve other uses in the kitchen, including fetching water. Additionally, Wooney comes with a hand protection guard for firmly gripping foods while grinding them against the sharp blades.

  • Comes with a holding basket
  • Grater has four different blades
  • Comes with hand safety grip

#8. KEOUKE Vegetable

KEOUKE Vegetable Chopper Slicer
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Aside from dicing up carrots and slicing cucumbers, Keouke features an egg processing unit. It can chop foods to 12 different styles. It comes with a mesh designed basket that holds chopped up pieces. Additionally, it comes with a brush that is handy during cleaning.
The plastic parts are free of BPA, while the blades are sturdy and rustproof steel. Right under the container are slip-resistant pads for holding the system while in use.

  • Comes with egg unit
  • Accompanied by cleaning brush
  • Features slip-resistant feet

#9. GORGENIUS Black Vegetable Slicer and Chopper

Gorgenius Vegetable Chopper
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Gorgenius vegetable slicer spots a beautiful design and a powerful build. It closely resembles the Mueller vegetable chopper. If you’re looking for the best onion chopper, this is the model to pick. It comes with up to seven blades that can be installed interchangeably for different chopper options.
Besides, this vegetable chopper comes with a special fork-like cleaning appliance to make maintenance fun and easy. It comes with a specialized box for storing the blades safely.

  • Features seven varying blade options
  • Comes with a unique cleaning accessory
  • Accompanied by a storage box

#10. Queama Food Scissors

Kitchen Food Scissors
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Queama’s food scissors take a completely bold form factor. It resembles a pair of scissors except that it is meant for the kitchen. If you’re looking for safer ways to cut foods in the kitchen, Queama is ultimately the solution.
It features a stainless steel sharp knife and a unique chopping surface to replace large chopping boards. While knives don’t come with safety locks, you can count on Queama to do so.

  • Comes with blade and chopping surface
  • Features a convenience safety lock
  • Easy to disassemble

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