The Best Small Food Processors

A food processor is a must-have gadget on your kitchen countertop. Food processors are convenient, fast, and easy to use. However, the focal point with food processors is that they can serve multiple purposes.
Investing in a small food processor saves you a lot of money. You don’t have to break the bank on a separate meat grinder and another blender. When it comes to a food processor, all these functionalities are incorporated into a single device.
Besides making juice and grinding meat, a food processor chops vegetables grind nuts and mix the dough. Acquiring a food processor is a worthwhile investment. Subsequently, we’ve drawn up a review of some of the ten best small food processors.

Best Small Food Processors

#1. CUISINART Chrome Food Processor

Cuisinart DLC-2ABC
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The easy to clean Cuisinart food processor comes with a 680-gram capacity bowl. The sturdy bowl features a firm handle to help unload after grinding. It comes with extremely sharp stainless steel blades that make chopping hard and soft foods way easier.
The blades also have blunt edges to help with kneading and beating eggs. The control panel is easy to use. Cuisinart, as a brand, has repeatedly earned the best food processor Consumer Reports reviews.

  • Blades feature sharp and blunt edges
  • Comes with a 680-gram capacity
  • Features dishwasher-friendly parts

#2. CUISINART Steel Food Processor

Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus 4-Cup Food Processor
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The next Cuisinart food processor model on our list boasts a beautifully brushed up stainless steel build. Thanks to the sharp blades, you can forget about holding a knife to chop your veggies. Additionally, this model can grind your food to a smooth blend.
It comes with a spatula to help you mix food before and after grinding. The Cuisinart food processor also comes with an instruction manual. It is arguably the best food processor under $100.

  • Stunning stainless steel build
  • Comes with instructions guidebook
  • Also comes with a mixing spatula

#3. HBHOB Food Chopper

Electric Stainless Steel Food Chopper

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The safe HBHOB food chopper runs on a powerful, energy-efficient motor. The peak, however, is the speed control feature. HBHOB exhibits different changeable speed levels for different kinds of food.
Moreover, the engine features four sturdy blades for finely sliced food pieces and smooth blending. It comes with a sturdy steel bowl than can hold up to 2 liters of blended food. Whether you’re grinding fruits, vegetables, or meat, HBHOB has you fully covered.

  • HBHOB features different grinding speeds
  • Runs on a powerful motor
  • Features safety feature for children

#4. HOMELEADER Food Grinder

Electric Food Chopper
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Dicing onions using a knife is known to sting the eyes and cause unnecessary tears. Thankfully, Homeleader can save you all that trouble and deliver finely chopped onion pieces. Besides onions, Homeleader can effortlessly grind meat and prepare your salad.
It features a high-quality glass bowl that is easy to wash. Homeleader features a rubber ring, so it doesn’t slip during use. It runs on an electrically powered motor than grinds foods in a matter of seconds.

  • Features a slide-resistant ring
  • Spots easy to clean parts
  • Potent electric motor

#5. MOSAIC Electric Processor

Electric Food Processor

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The Mosaic small food processor comes with four removable, easy to clean blades with controllable rotation speeds. Each of the blades is rust-resistant thanks to a reliable aluminum coating. It is great for baby food and fish, besides other commonly ground foods.
Additionally, cleaning the Mosaic chopper is simple because almost every part is removable and easy to reassemble. This Mosaic model is pretty easy to store as it features a special cable dock.

  • Runs on titanium protected blades
  • Grinds all types of food
  • Easy to clean removable parts

#6. LA REVEUSE Electric Processor

La Reveuse Electric Mini Food Processor

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La Reveuse is conveniently sizeable and portable enough for small family use. It can process almost all food types, ranging from minced meat to herbs, thanks to the hard-edged stainless steel blades.
Unlike most food processors, La Reveuse lets you pour in liquids while the grinder runs courtesy of an inbuilt dispenser. It also features different chopping speeds for different foods. It comes with a spatula excellent for stirring and mixing food particles during processing.

  • Sizeable and takes little space
  • Great for all foods
  • Features liquid dispenser for food

#7. BLACK+DECKER White Food Chopper

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Black Decker spots a suitably large control button for easy control. It is easy to use as it relies on a single push-button for all grinding functionalities. Every part is removable and dishwasher friendly, including the double blades.
It features a reliable lockable lid to prevent food from spluttering out during grinding. Black Decker can also chop chocolate quite smoothly and convert whole bread into fine crumbs. Black Decker is great for people living alone.

  • Reliably large control button
  • Can grind chocolate and bread
  • Removable easy to clean parts

#8. HAMILTON BEACH Mini Black Processor

Hamilton Beach Mini
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Hamilton Beach’s versatile food processor can hold up to three cups of food ingredients. Using it is as simple as pressing the lid to get the motor running. The lid further features a dispenser necessary for adding liquid ingredients into the food processor.
The 0.35 Kilowatt motor can slice through even the hardest food substances like nuts to deliver impressive results. Moreover, it takes up very little space hence easy to store after use.

  • Can carry three cups
  • Runs on powerful 0.35kW motor
  • Features liquid dispenser on the lid

#9. PROCTOR SILEX White Food Processor

Proctor Silex Durable
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Proctor Silex comes with a unique portable design that takes up very little space on your kitchen counter. Whether you’re looking to chop vegetables for your favorite salad or just emulsifying baby food, Proctor is all you need.
It comes with perfectly sharpened blades that cut through any ingredients deposited into the processor. Every component is easy to disassemble and clean both manually and using a dishwasher. It also features motor speed controls.

  • Easy to store and transport
  • Chops through all food types
  • Comes with changeable speed controls

#10. KITCHENAID Food Chopper

KitchenAid KFC3516ER
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The red Kitchenaid mini food processor model can hold up to three and a half cups of ingredients. It features two varying control speeds four different food textures making it the best food processor for dough.
KitchenAid is very easy to operate since it features a single button for all functionalities. It comes with an ergonomically designed bowl that has both a handle and a spout for pouring. It is light and takes a little storage space.

  • Large carrying capacity
  • Controllable motor speeds
  • Conveniently designed bowl with a pout

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