The Best Plastic Wine Glasses Review

Plastic wine cups are often underrated when they’re just as attractive as real glass wine cups. In the first place, plastic wineglasses are very cost-efficient as they don’t break easily. They’re less fragile and don’t chip either.

Another incredible quality is that some of the best unbreakable wine glasses can be safely piled for easy storage. Now, that is a risk you would take with actual glasses because they would shatter.

On the other hand, plastic wine tumblers are well refined to resemble real wine glasses flawlessly thanks to technology. They’re perfect for serving large gatherings and easy to recollect and clean. Accordingly, here is our list of the best unbreakable wine glasses.

The Best Plastic Wine Glasses Review

#1. LILY’S Recyclable Plastic Glasses

Lily's Home Unbreakable Acrylic Wine Glasses, Made of Shatterproof Tritan Plastic and Ideal for Indoor and Outdoor Use, Reusable (Multi - Light)

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By Lily’s Home Store

Lily’s plastic glasses arrive in four vivid colors. The bright colors bring your party to life parties and make them memorable. Each of the four glasses features a carrying capacity of 590 milliliters. Moreover, unlike glass Lily’s plastic glasses don’t break at all.

You don’t have to worry about accidental falls and dangerous breakages. The glasses are 21 centimeters tall, just like typical wine glasses. Additionally, they are effortless to clean, as it almost requires no effort.

  • Pack contains four glasses
  • Designed like ordinary wine glasses
  • Easy to wash and store

#2. BLOOMINGOODS Clear Plastic Wine Cups

50 Gold Rimmed Disposable Plastic Wine Glasses

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By BloominGoods Store

Whether you’re getting hitched or just planning to throw a sizeable birthday party, Bloomingoods has you covered. Astoundingly, the pack carries up to a staggering 50 wine plastic cups.

Additionally, each cup sports a decorative gold inspired rim. The plastic cups are impressively clear to mimic real glass. Moreover, Bloomingoods’ wine cups can hold up to 295 milliliters of your favorite drink. Each cup features a removable stem to double up as ordinary cups.

  • The set carries 50 cups
  • Charming, ornamental gold rims
  • Cups come with removable stems

#3. MUNFIX Plastic Tumblers

100 Gold Plastic Cups 9 Oz Clear Plastic Cups Old Fashioned Tumblers Gold Rimmed Cups Fancy Disposable Wedding Cups Elegant Party Cups with Gold Rim

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By Munfix

Are you planning something big? A big backyard party, perhaps. Well, don’t fret because Munfix offers you up to 100 fancy plastic tumblers. Each cup comes with a beautiful gold inspired rim. Additionally, Munfix’s cups are ideal for different drinks.

Accordingly, they can serve as elegant plastic stemless wine glasses or work efficiently as juice tumblers. The one hundred cups are stackable, making them the best travel wine glasses. You can transport them to the event venue.

  • Ideal for larger events
  • Perfect for any beverages
  • Easy to transport

#4. MUNFIX Stemless Plastic Glasses

48 Pack Plastic Stemless Wine Glasses Disposable 12 Oz Clear Plastic Wine Cups Shatterproof Recyclable and BPA-Free

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By Munfix

What’s so stunning about our next cups from Munfix is the incredible shape that each cup takes. Additionally, the set comes with up to 48 special party-themed cups. If you prefer plastic stemless wine glasses, this pack won’t disappoint.

Moreover, the cups are perfect for picnics and food events. Unlike real glass, these cups will never shatter easily no matter how many times they hit the ground. They’re made from food quality plastic.

  • Come with wedding-inspired shapes
  • Ideal for picnics as well
  • Come with a shatterproof design

#5. MICHLEY Indestructible Plastic Chalices

MICHLEY Unbreakable Red Wine Glasses, Tritan Plastic Shatterproof Wine Goblets 12.5 oz, Set of 4

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Michley’s plastic goblets are the best unbreakable wine glasses for those special family dinners. Each of the cups can easily hold 369 milliliters of flavorful juice. Additionally, the goblets are flawlessly clear and resemble real wine glasses.

They’re ideal for kids in the family because they’re don’t break from simply falling off the table. Additionally, each cup stands on a sturdy, broad base that makes it near impossible to knock over the cups.

  • Crafted with a robust base
  • Ideal for families
  • The cups are impeccably clear

#6. OOJAMI plastic stemless wine glasses

32 count 12 oz Unbreakable Stemless Plastic Wine Champagne Glasses Elegant Durable Reusable Shatterproof Indoor Outdoor Ideal for Home, Office, Bars, Wedding, Bridal Baby Shower

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By Oojami Store

Oojami’s stemless cups sport some incredible features. Firstly, each of the 32 cups feature rolled rims for maximum comfort when drinking. Secondly, the effortlessly clear cups can be reused for years without any concern for chipping or cracking.

The cups are presentable for just about any environment, be it the office or a restaurant you own. Whatever you’re serving in these cups, your guests will be impressed. The come with a remarkably stable structure.

  • Designed with rolled lips
  • Constructed with stable bases
  • Oojami cups don’t crack

#7. MUNFIX Diamond inspired Plastic Glasses

32 Pack Diamond Shaped Plastic Stemless Wine Glasses Disposable 12 Oz Clear Plastic Wine Whiskey Cups Shatterproof Recyclable and BPA-Free

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By Munfix

Diamonds are precious, so are these diamond-shaped reusable wine glasses by Munfix. The cleverly designed cups can stand in different angles, thanks to the incredible shape. Moreover, a single purchase gets you up to 32 of these gorgeous goblets.

They’re less delicate and more comfortable to handle than real glass. Ice cubes look great inside these cups. Unlike glass wine glasses, plastic cups don’t become unbearably cold. You can comfortably hold up your glass and make a toast.

  • Comes with a stunning diamond design
  • Gentler than real glass chalices
  • Comfortable to hold

#8. MICHLEY Stemmed Plastic Glass Set

MICHLEY Unbreakable Stemmed Wine Glass 100% Tritan Plastic Dishwasher available Glassware 15 oz, Set of 4

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Michley’s outdoor wine glasses perfectly look like actual glass wine cups. Each cup is sizeable enough to hold all the wine you’ll need while you read and relax. Each of the four beautiful glasses is created from premium quality, food-friendly plastic.

Also, the cups stand on gracefully tall and robust stems. All the cups are dishwasher compatible. You don’t have to worry about keeping these cups on the shelves. Even if they fall off, they won’t crack.

  • Each cup carries plenty of drinks
  • Built from high-quality plastic
  • Safe on high shelves

#9. MICHLEY Large Plastic Glasses

MICHLEY Unbreakable Wine Glasses, 100% Tritan Plastic Shatterproof Large Wine Glasses 20 oz, Set of 4

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If you thought 396 milliliters was the furthest we could go, you’re in for an incredible surprise. Michley’s large plastic glasses options can hold up to 591 milliliters of wine. The larger build makes these cups amazingly easy to hold as they won’t drop from your hands easily.

The wine glasses are thick enough to stand harsh conditions that glass won’t survive. Accordingly, if you’re looking for the best unbreakable wine glasses, look no further from this Michley set.

  • Built with thicker plastic
  • Comes with conveniently larger capacity
  • Easier to hold

#10. VIVOCCI Plastic Glasses

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By Vivocci Store

If capacity is your priority in a stemless wine glass, we have Vivocci for you. Whether you have a family or need a few stunning wine tumblers to gift a friend, Vivocci will do.

Also, the incredible yet straightforward structure makes this pair of wine tumblers stand out from the rest. Furthermore, the plastic flutes look good with any drink, whether it’s just water. The transparent color makes your drinks more appetizing.

  • Comes with spacious room for drinks
  • Features a simple design
  • Crafted for all drinks

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