Top 10 Best Outdoor and Indoor String Lights


Christmas is only a couple of weeks away. Consequently, this might be the best time to acquire outdoor and indoor string lights. They’re simple and yet give your home or backyard the unforgettable festive touch.

Besides just Christmas, you will need string lights for other celebrations, including birthdays and perhaps Ramadhan. It’s also no secret that there are oodles of string light brands out there. This undoubtedly, makes it a little difficult to land the right deal.

It’s a good thing you’ve come to the right place. Thanks to our list, you don’t have to rack your brains for what or to pick. Below are our top 10 best outdoor and indoor string lights.

Top 10 Best Outdoor and Indoor String Lights


#1. ZOUTOG Indoor and Outdoor String Lights

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Zoutog is more than just a set of string lights. Astoundingly, the entire system is remote controlled. Additionally, it is suitable for various occasions. Accordingly, you can count on Zoutog to brighten up your wedding.

On the other hand, with Christmas only a few weeks away, these string lights might be just what you need. The entire system stretches 10 meters in length. The warm white them is something you’ll love in your living space.

  • Comes with remote control
  • Suits different events
  • Conveniently longer design

#2. YOTELIM String Lights

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Yotelim boasts of every feature you would want in a set of string lights. Firstly, the bulbs mimic the shapes of globes. Secondly, each bulb is waterproof, making Yotelim the undisputed set of camping tent string lights.

Thirdly, there’s also a remote control functionality. Remarkably, Yotelim does not require electricity to operate since it is battery-powered; all the more makes it perfect for outdoor fun. Yotelim is the secret to a gorgeous garden after sunset.

  • Comes with a water-resistant design
  • Perfect for outdoor camping
  • Does not require electricity to operate

#3. IRECEY String Lights

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If you’re looking for camping string lights solar power option, look no further. Irecey comes with a sizeable innovative solar slate. Moreover, the string hosts up to 66 white bulbs and measures a staggering 11.5 meters in length.

The bulbs resemble orbs, which makes them look gorgeous at night. The crystal white light emission is perfect for outdoor parties, which is why Irecey is waterproof. Irecey will bring out the beauty of your garden even after sunsets.

  • Ideal for outdoor events
  • Comes with reliable solar-power system
  • Complements your garden at night

#4. GUDDL String Lights for Outdoors

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Guddl takes your décor game to another level. Installing them anywhere on your balcony or patio gives you an upgrade. Additionally, attached to the string of wire are 27 ball-shaped bulbs. Excitingly, you also get an extra two bulbs to replace any broken ones.

Furthermore, the weather-resistant string lights can stand just about any harsh conditions out there. Guddl’s straight light set consumes very light energy compared to ordinary string bulbs.

  • Bulbs feature a weather-resistant creation
  • Take in very little power
  • Accompanied by spare bulbs

#5. TWINKLE STAR String Lights

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Light the name already hints, Twinkle Star’s bulbs come with adorable, star-inspired shapes. Unbelievably, you get up to a hundred of these stars.  You can also extend the length and number of bulbs. They’re perfect for a wide set of applications, including Christmas and Ramadhan.

The star bulbs will look good against any surface or environment. Moreover, they’re ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The string is about 15 meters in length, sufficient enough to cover larger spaces.

  • Comes with a generously long design
  • Delivers great performance indoors and outdoors
  • Comes with adorable star-shaped lights

#6. BRIGHTOWN String Lights

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Brightown’s LED bulbs are all molded from superior quality glass. Despite the modest design, the bulbs are water-resistant. Besides the 25 bulbs, you also get a single replacement bulb.

Moreover, the warm white theme will give your house that priceless homely touch. Brightown arrives in varying lengths. That includes this 7.6-meter option, a 15-meter option, and a 30-meter model. Additionally, the bulbs are eye-friendly as they don’t glow past the right lumen.

  • Created with durable glass
  • Accompanied by one replacement spare bulb
  • Bulbs don’t harm the eye

#7. MINETOM Globe String Lights

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While most string lights only feature single color options, Minetom puts up to eight light modes in your hands. Essentially, you get a remote control to pick your favorite mode. Additionally, the bulbs sport several colors to make mode selection possible.

Minetom comes with 100 light bulbs, a feat which is no less hard to come by. Moreover, it boasts a modernistic design, as evidenced by the USB connector that gives you endless connection points.

  • Features a USB connector
  • Made up of 100 bulbs
  • Bulbs sport multiple colors

#8. LAMPDREAM Battery Star Lights

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While we’ve already mentioned a set of star-shaped string lights, we have another incredible option. Lampdream’s string lights glow in different gorgeous colors. By using the remote control, you can switch to different colors, however, you want.

Moreover, since the entire system runs on batteries, you don’t have to worry about electrical shocks. Accordingly, Lampdream is safe for the family, even if hung low. The waterproof bulbs are the perfect way to brighten up any birthday party.

  • Stars emit different colors
  • Let’s you set your mode using remote
  • Does not produce shocks

#9. VIGDUR LED String Lights for Decoration

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It is the stunning decorative appeal that gives Vigdur its edge. The string holds a set of uniquely built LEDs. On top of that, the LEDs are housed in black cone-shaped shells that serve as lanterns. The bulbs produce a warm, near-yellow glow that looks awesome indoors.

Furthermore, Vigdur’s waterproof build also makes it suitable for garden or patio decorations. Unlike ordinary bulbs, Vigdur’s LEDs don’t heat up at all. You don’t have to worry about unwanted heat.

  • Comes with decorative bulbs
  • The bulbs emit low heat
  • Produces a charming, yellow glow

#10. LIGHTING EVER LED String Lights

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Lighting Ever comes with an endless list of applications. You can buy the string lights as a gift for your kids to help them upgrade their rooms. On the other hand, if you’re a college student, you can acquire one for your college dorm room.

Alternatively, if you don’t prefer solar camping lights, Lighting Ever comes with the replaceable battery option. Amazingly, batteries can last up to six hours before they’re replaced.

  • Ideal for campers and kids
  • Batteries last for hours
  • Recommended for dorm rooms


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