The Best Mosquito Killing Sprays

One of the world’s most dreaded infections is malaria. Sadly, mosquitoes are to blame for every malarial infection anywhere on the globe. The pesky insects are responsible for over a million deaths every year.
Additionally, mosquito bites don’t only happen at night. You’re as likely to get a mosquito bite during the afternoon as in the middle of the night when you’re fast asleep. Fortunately, like with every other problem, there are always reliable preventive measures.
Our list offers solutions better than any mosquito killer spray homemade solutions you may already be using. Below are our very best picks of the best mosquito-killing sprays. Our picks are ideal for both indoor and outdoor mosquito problems.

Best Mosquito Killing Sprays


#1. ECO DEFENSE Inspect Spray

Eco Defense Flea
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Eco Defense is plenty enough to cover 464 square meters of space, making it the best mosquito killer spray for outdoor use. So if you have a backyard infested by mosquitoes, Eco Defense has you covered.
Additionally, the nontoxic formula is entirely safe for pets and humans. The ingredients are vegan, making Eco Defense safe. Moreover, besides mosquitoes, the inspect spray eliminates ticks and fleas as well. Aside from outdoor use, Eco Defense works efficiently indoors as well.

  • Covers a wide area
  • Contains vegan ingredients
  • Ideal for outdoor application

#2. MIGHTY MINT Insect Repellent

Mighty Mint
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What’s so incredible about Mighty Mint is that it kills different insects. Fortunately, that list includes mosquitoes. Additionally, Mighty Mint comes in an ergonomic spray bottle for dispensing the repellent.
The formula is intensely concentrated, just what you need to destroy every mosquito in your home. Now incredibly, despite the concentration, Mighty Mint is nontoxic. This quality makes it perfect for use anywhere. This also includes your business premises.

  • Crafted for multiple insect species
  • Comes in a useful spray bottle
  • Does not contain toxic substances

#3. HOT SHOT Insect Aerosol

Hot Shot
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Aside from killing mosquitoes, Hot Shot leaves a sweet scent in the air. It comes in an easy-to-use aerosol canister. The pack carries two of these cans. Additionally, the spray can capture insects midair, which makes it fun to use.
Alternatively, the mosquito spray can destroy hiding insects with perfect precision. The intense formula does not stain surfaces, which is why you need it for indoor use. It delivers the right performance outdoors as well.

  • Infused with a sweet fragrance
  • Packed in an ergonomic can
  • Does not ruin surfaces

#4. RAID Insect Killer

Raid Flying Insect Killer
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When you order for the Raid killer, you receive up to two bottles of this powerful spray. Additionally, the spray finishes mosquitoes and other flying insects. The insect killer contains a sweet-smelling scent that you won’t resist.
It is essential for eliminating mosquitoes that breed on surfaces. Unlike most mosquito spray solutions, Raid delivers an instant kill. Raid is also great for knocking down irritating mosquitoes that won’t just stop buzzing close to your ears.

  • The package carries two cans
  • Kills mosquitoes on surfaces
  • Ideal for flying mosquitoes

#5. RAID Insect Killer

Raid House & Garden Insect Killer Spray
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We have another Raid insect knocker on our list. It contains 325 milliliters of powerful spray. You can use it to zap tons of insects that thankfully include mosquitoes. Moreover, Raid is just what you need for those destructive bugs in your garden.
You can destroy the mosquito breeding grounds right outside your house and destroy aphids simultaneously. Accordingly, if you’re out for the best mosquito killer to spray for home indoor use, Raid is a sure answer.

  • Destroys a long list of bugs
  • Kills garden insects
  • Destroying breeding areas

#6. MOSQUITO FOG Organic Killer

Mosquito Fog Non-toxic
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It’s not often that you find a poison-free spray. Happily, that is precisely what Mosquito Fog offers. If you have kids around the house, Mosquito Fog is the perfect way to shield them from malaria.
Mosquito Fog is equally safe for pets inside the house. It hardly triggers any reactions. Astoundingly, Mosquito Fog is safe to be used around the kitchen as well. It is very light on surfaces and dries up pretty fast.

  • Does not contain deadly substances
  • Safe around the house
  • Light on surfaces


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Spectracide is enough to last you for a staggering twelve weeks. It comes in an attractive can that blends well with the contents in the room. Additionally, it can penetrate through the thick fabric to zap hidden mosquitoes.
Spectracide comes prepared to use, so you’re not required to follow any tiresome mixing procedure. Also, the insecticide is non-greasy, which means it does not dirty surfaces. The insect killer is your shield if spiders are your biggest fears.

  • Lasts for a long times
  • Penetrate thick button fabric
  • Does not require complicated mixing

#8. VET’S BEST Spray

Vet's Best Flea
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Vet’s Best is an extremely resourceful spray. It contains sweet-smelling peppermint extracts. Moreover, the insecticide kills bugs that hide in pets. Vet’s Best is ideal for killing mosquitoes that hide and breed on pets’ bodies.
The spray can also be used on furniture such as cushions and beddings. Moreover, Vet’s Best is also essential for rugs making it the best mosquito killer spray for indoor maintenance and all. The bottle holds up to 945 milliliters worth of strong spray.

  • Infused with peppermint
  • Comes in a large bottle
  • Ideal for pets

#9. ADAMS Home Spray

Adams Flea and Tick Home Spray
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Adams isn’t your simple mosquito spray. It boasts of a long list of insects that it can effortlessly terminate. Additionally, it comes in an extremely ergonomic spray bottle with a gun top for releasing the spray.
The insect killer is also ideal for destroying troublesome cockroaches and annoying ticks. The spray is the solution to unseen, worrying pets that breed inside your house. Each spray keeps away mosquitoes for longer durations.

  • The spray lasts longer
  • Destroys bug eggs
  • Eliminates hiding insects

#10. ORTHO Bug Killer

Ortho Home Defense Flying Bug Killer
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The Ortho bug killer contains special oils necessary in mosquito eradication. Unlike most insect sprays, it is reliably safe for whole family use. Therefore, if you keep some animal friends around, Ortho is the best mosquito killer spray for a home that you need.
Moreover, the design of Ortho’s canister lets you spray the potent formula in your favorite angle. The lab tested spray works almost instantaneously to deliver death to any mosquito it comes to contact with anywhere.

  • Infused with special antibug oils
  • Safe for the whole family
  • Can be sprayed at different angles

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