The Best Manual Can Openers Review


A manual can opener is a must-have if you keep a lot of canned food in your kitchen. Unlike crude opening methods, manual can openers are efficient and don’t leave behind any messes. Some manual can openers even come with magnetic parts for lifting off the cut area.

Moreover, a manual can opener is way more reliable than even the best electric can opener. They don’t require any source of power to operate except little effort from your hands. Another incredible thing is that some manual can openers also double up as bottle openers.

It would be best if you put this into consideration before investing in a can opener. Accordingly, we’ve come up with a top ten listing of the best manual can openers.

The Best Manual Can Openers Review

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#1. ZYLISS Manual Can Opener

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The Zyliss can opener is incredibly, very easy to use. Once you punch through the top of the can, the can opener locks itself securely to finish the cutting. Additionally, Zyliss features a rotating lever for smooth cutting.

To unlock the opener, press the red button. Moreover, Zyliss comes with an innovative magnet holder for lifting away the cut lid. Zyliss appears on the best manual can opener America’s test kitchen website for all the right reasons.

  • Built with secure lock functionality
  • Features a release button
  • Built with conveniently magnetic parts

#2. OXO Black Can Opener

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The Oxo good grips can opener is a favorite for many can food enthusiasts. It features robust stainless steel parts with a pair of soft handles. The Oxo good grips can opener delivers smooth cuts with no rough edges around the cans.

Additionally, it comes with a conveniently sizeable rotating knob with a soft, comfortable exterior. However, what makes the can opener even more incredible is the onboard bottle opener. It is effortless to wash.

  • Comes with a sharp cutter
  • Features a bottle opener
  • Fitted with cushiony handles

#3. WEETIEE Ergonomic Can Opener

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You can’t resist the elegant finish on Weetiee’s versatile can opener. It comes with a pair of red, softened handles. The handles don’t slip easily, ensuring the perfect grip. Additionally, the can opener is way safer than a knife opener. It even features a magnet for lifting off the cut top.

Moreover, unlike most can openers, Weetiee comes with your safety in mind. It features a protective shield around the gears to ensure you don’t sustain injuries accidentally.

  • Fitted with slip-resistant handles
  • Designed for your safety
  • Fitted with a lifting magnet

#4. KITCHENAID Black Lid Opener

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KitchenAid is a cult adored brand. So no matter what type of can you’re dealing with, the KitchenAid opener is all you need. Thanks to the sharp, hardened stainless steel parts, it can handle just about any can.

Also, the can opener is surprisingly easy to clean. Make sure to use detergents and hot water and remember to rinse properly. Besides the black option, KitchenAid lip openers are available in other colors as well.

  • Designed for all can types
  • Made in different colors
  • Very easy to clean

#5. KEBLEY Can Opener

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Kebley all-steel can opener offers you tons of amazing features. Firstly, the sturdy opener is crafted from premium quality food friendly steel. Secondly, it features a rustproof blade, all thanks to special aluminum shielding.

Thirdly, Kebley also doubles up as a bottle opener. Moreover, unlike chisels, it delivers clear, non-messy cuts. The handles also feature a pair of hooks ideal for keeping the can opener safely. It is effortless to use.

  • Comes with rustproof blade
  • Fitted with hooks
  • Opens bottles and cans

#6. SWING-A-WAY Black Can Opener

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Swing-A-Way relies on a powerful carbon blade to cut through any can. It comes with a compact design, making it easily portable. Additionally, the can opener comes with reliable gears than simplifying work to make operation smooth.

Swing-A-Way does not require a machine wash. All it takes is a simple, effortless handwash, and you’re good to go. Moreover, the can opener comes with a pair of soft handles.

  • Designed with carbon and steel parts
  • Needs no special machine wash
  • Works smoothly with any can

#7. LDTLDIRECTOR Smooth Opener

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The Ldtldirector can opener meets all your opening needs. Whether you’re looking for a tin opener or a bottle top remover, it’s all packed in this magnificent opener. Additionally, the opener features a pair of rubber-coated handles, so you don’t have to worry about unnecessary slips.

The newly improved blade glides through any metal can material. Moreover, the large rotating knob is straightforward to operate. You won’t strain at all to get things done.

  • Designed from newly improved steel
  • Features rubber-coated handles
  • Slides easily through any can

#8. WANBASION Manual Opener

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Wanbasion’s multiuse can opener is all you need for your food can opening needs. It can cut through any can top. Moreover, it is designed to lift off lids of metal containers. Additionally, it sports an ergonomic bottle opener.

The manual opener is available in up to four different colors, including the black model on our list. Other colors include red, green, and an eye-catching ocean blue option. It is very convenient for people with feeble hands.

  • Performs three functions
  • Available in attractive colors
  • Ideal for people with weak hands

#9. BERGLANDER Heavy Duty Can Opener

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Berglander sports a gorgeous rainbow-inspired design. It comes with a set of colorful handles. Additionally, thanks to the steel and titanium blend, the can opener can glide through even the most difficult cans.

The rustproof build makes the opener easy to wash. Moreover, Berglander’s titanium protects the blade from losing its sharpness. It also keeps the handles looking new as it can shield the opener from scratches. Unlike most openers, Berglander is actually dishwasher safe.

  • Comes with a decorative finish
  • Built for heavy-duty use
  • Built with steel and titanium

#10. HOME HERO Steel Opener

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Everything about the Home Hero steel opener is brilliant. It arrives in gorgeous packaging and features a pair of irresistible handles. Each handle sports a beautiful inscription of the Home Hero logo. Additionally, it comes with stain-resistant parts. The steel opener does not retain odor either.

Moreover, the handles feature holes for hanging the opener. It does not have any sharp gears, making it safe to use. Home Hero will complement your kitchen.

  •  Comes with gorgeous design
  • Constructed with stain-resistant steel
  •  Fitted with non-sharp gears

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