The Best Light Up Bath Toys

Bath time doesn’t have to interrupt your baby’s playtime. Fortunately, there are floating toys specially designed just for kids. Bath toys come in attractive, dazzling colors and shapes. Some take the form of light up bath cubes while others come as animal-shaped wind-up bath toys.
Popular brands like fisher price bath toys are waterproof and glow in the water. They’re ideal for engaging the baby mentally while they enjoy a peaceful bath time. In fact, Montessori bath toys are a brilliant way to introduce kids to the world of learning.
The experience is both exciting and full of life skills and lessons. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best light up bath toys to introduce your kids to more water adventure.

Best Light Up Bath Toys

#1. JIFFI Water and Bath Toys

Jiffi Swimming Pool Toys
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Besides just the bathroom, this Jiffi pool toy collection is also ideal for the swimming pool. The set comes with six water toys, all powered by batteries. The batteries are securely sealed inside the toys to protect them from water.
When touched, these toys light up immediately. They are a great way to train kids how to swim and test their confidence in the water. Additionally, the fabulous toys are ideal for both boys and girls.

  • For bathtubs and swimming pools
  • Toys light up in the water
  • Ideal for boys and girls

#2. MAPIXO Bath Toys

MAPIXO 6 Packs Light-Up
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The cute Mapixo set is perfect for babies and preschool kids. The dinosaur inspired set features six light up bath toys, including the famed tyrannosaurus. The floating toys light up whenever they touch the water.
Amazingly, each of these six toys spots a different color and glow. Each of these toys is compact enough to fit into any baby’s tiny hands and is a useful way to expand their imagination. The toys are completely safe.

  • Takes dinosaur inspired design
  • Neatly fits in baby’s hand
  • Set includes six toys

#3. LAXDACEE Shower Toys

Laxdacee Bath Toy
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The Laxdacee shower set presents up to a staggering 12 shower toys. Each toy is fully safe for babies and preschool kids since the material is all rubber. The toys are ideal for both boys and girls and feature different characters, including an adorable mermaid.
Other characters include a charming duck yellow and a cute orange turtle. All the toys are non-toxic, waterproof, and glow in the water, each exhibiting a different color.

  • Set contains 12 toys
  • Designed for boys and girls
  • All the toys are waterproof

#4. AOLIGE Bath Light Up

AOLIGE Baby Light Up Bath Toys
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Created for both girls and boys, these waterproof toys light up when immersed in water. The set comes with two adorable toys, yellow and red in color. Additionally, each toy’s battery cover features a seal to keep water from entering the battery section.
The set is great for toddlers from the age of one to three. This adorable set will turn your baby into a cute little explorer on the water while enjoying long baths.

  • Battery section features a water seal
  • For age one to three
  • Glowing light tests the baby’s curiosity

#5. COOKEY Rubber Bath Toys

Light Up Floating Rubber Toys
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Everybody loves unicorns, so will your baby. This set of light up bath toys features eight rubber dollies, including an adorable unicorn and a lovely green starfish. While on the water, the lights not only glow but change to seven different colors.
Additionally, each toy is all non-toxic rubber and does not have any prickly edges. The baby can play with these toys on the beach or in a pool apart from the bathtub.

  • Features eight rubber figurines
  • Each toy emits different colors
  • Made from non-toxic rub

#6. MNDRLIN Grey Whale Toys

Whale Bath Toys with Colorful LED Lights
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Aside from just radiating different lights, the cute grey Mndrlin whale bath toy also comes with a water spraying feature. This will definitely keep your toddler looking forward to long baths and bonding sessions.
This toy is one sure way to attract the baby towards the shower, even if they weren’t in the mood. Additionally, the battery unit features a thick seal, so the toy works inside water efficiently without water seeping in.

  • Radiates and sprays water
  • Seal guarded battery compartment
  • Takes the form of attractive whale

#7. GearRoot Bath Toys

Bath Toys 8PCS Light Up Bathtub Toys for Baby Kids Toddlers Bath Tub
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The GearRoot collection of light-up toys features eight figurines. Each toy comes which changing glowing lights, including a unicorn dinosaur and a beautiful little lion. These toys are good for training your baby to imagine and grow mentally creative.
The toys come in different colors so your kid can learn to relate to colors even during play. Additionally, the baby can interact with these toys outside the bathtub to keep things interesting.

  • The collection features eight toys
  • All toys emit multiple colors
  • Made with toxic-free material

#8. YOLIYOGO Dinosaur Floating Toy Set

yoliyogo Dinosaur Toy Bath Floating Toy
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The Yoliyogo floating bath toys are ideal for early cognitive learning in babies. The eight dinosaur pieces float effortlessly on the water. Moreover, each piece is waterproof and spots a different shade of colors.
The waterproof layout locks out bacteria and makes each piece easy to disinfect for the baby. Besides floating on water, the Yoliyogo toy set can be used as decorative displays in the baby’s room. They are durable and can last many years.

  • Perfect for training babies
  • Double up as decorative pieces
  • Long-lasting material

#9. CHIMAGER 6 pack Toy Set

6 packs Light up Boat Bath Toy Set
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Chimager’s six-set of bath toys represent every means of transport out there. There’s an airplane, a car, a ship, and even a cute blue rocket with a lustrous grey tip. Each piece is capable of emitting seven different colors glows when put on water.
Furthermore, the battery life for each piece is impressive and can easily stretch to three months. These pieces pass as decorative pieces in your bathroom or the kid’s playroom.

  • Pieces replicate locomotives
  • Each piece emits multiple colors
  • Also usable as decorative figurines

#10. YEONHA TOYS Flashing Bath pack

Yeonha Toys Bath Toy
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Yeonha toys come in four beautiful pieces representing a shark, a duck, an octopus, and a frog. Furthermore, they all flash vibrant colors. Like the perfect light up bath buddies, these figurine pieces are everything the baby needs for a fun bath.
Each piece is intricately built to last thanks to the non-toxic, high-end material. The figurines each measure just about 8 centimeters in length, the right size of the baby.

  • Made of harmless rubber fabric
  • All pieces measure eight centimeters
  • Pieces represent cute animals

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