Top 10 Best Leather Boot Laces


Leather looks good on anything. The same appeal extends to boot laces. Leather boot laces just stand out because they’re attractive and because they complement your shoes. On the other hand, leather laces can stand lots of harsh elements such as sparks of fire.

Unlike typical fiber-based laces, leather lasts longer even under unfriendly conditions. Moreover, while there are probably tons of leather boot laces out there, our list will focus on the real deal. We’re talking about superior quality cowhide leather. Cowhide leather is way stronger than synthetic leather.

We’ve also thrown in a few non-leather laces to go with the list. Whatever you taste is, our list does not disappoint. Below is our string of the top ten best leather boot laces.

Top 10 Best Leather Boot Laces

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#1. IRONLACE Boot Laces

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The Ironlace boot laces are woven from premium quality fabric. They’re tough hence don’t break easily. Amazingly, the boot laces are corrosion-proof. They’re also resistant to fire, and UV light hence won’t fade.

Consequently, they’re some of the strongest boot laces in the market.  Additionally, they’re available in varying lengths. This means they can fit even shoes with multiple eyelets quite effortlessly. Moreover, Ironlace boot laces arrive in other colors, including brown.

  • Comes with a tough design
  • Does not yield to chemicals
  • Available in varying lengths

#2. REALEATHER Brown Lace

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While most shoelaces are woven from synthetic fibers, Realeather takes a slightly different approach. Like perhaps the name already hints out, Realeather’s laces are all premium quality leather. Interestingly, Realeather arrives rolled on a spool.

This way, you can cut laces of your preferred lengths. Moreover, besides just lightweight shoes, you can use Realeather for DIY bracelets and even necklaces. Additionally, the lace is available in other shades, including blue and red.

  • Comes on a spool
  • Designed for multiple uses
  • Available in multiple colors

#3. TOFL Leather Laces

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Wouldn’t it be fun to be able to decide the stretch of your boot laces? Well, TOFL puts that privilege in your hands. You get up to 274 centimeters of a long leather lace from which you can decide the lengths.

Moreover, TOFL is great for a dynamic range of applications ranging from hunting to construction. Unlike old-fashioned fibers, TOFL does not yield to factors like heat. Additionally, it is eco-friendly and nontoxic.

  • Offers you self-customized lengths
  • Does not pollute the environment
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications


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Cobbler’s Choice offers you a superior quality customizable leather shoelace. The leather material blends perfectly well with leather boots. Thankfully, Cobbler’s Choice is about more than just leather boots.

It is also recommended for casual and hiking boots.  Furthermore, it is slightly thicker hence fits well in most boot eyelets. The thick finish also means Cobbler’s Choice can stand a lot of force. It is also available in black and other variants of brown.

  • Crafted from high-end leather
  • Works with different boot designs
  • Comes with a durable thick, cut

#5. COBBLER’S CHOICE Waxed Cotton Laces

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The laces from Cobbler’s Choice are some of the best waxed boot laces. They’re created from premium quality cotton. Additionally, the pair comes with a flatted design to complement the durability. The cotton boot laces arrive in tons of different colors.

You just have to pick what matches your boots. Moreover, the wax coating is not toxic hence safe for you. The pair of laces match with any shoe design, including sports shoes and work boots.

  • Available in numerous color options
  • Treated with a wax coating
  • Suitable for all shoe types

#6. TOFL Leather Laces and Spare

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What makes this next TOFL pair of laces enticing is the spare accompanying it. The leather laces can stand highly intensive, heavy-duty tasks like welding. Additionally, TOFL does not yield to breakage easily.

Since leather does not stretch, you can count on TOFL to keep your boots intact. Moreover, in case of any breakages, you can always use the thoughtful spare. You also get a lacing guide on how to use your leather bootlaces.

Comes with user guide
Accompanied by spare
Can stand lots of force

#7. HIDE & DRINK, Leather Cord

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Most of the best boot laces in the market are specially handcrafted. Hide & Drink is no different. Every inch of the 190-centimeter long lace is put through dedicated workmanship.

Moreover, the stylish design gives Hide & Drink a priceless rustic appeal. Accordingly, it is also ideal for handmade, DIY gifts. The bootlace lasts for years since it is cut directly from real cow leather before being processed.

  • Comes with handcrafted design
  • Perfect for making gifts
  • Cut from actual cowhide

#8. LOCK LACES Shoelaces

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Everything about Lock Laces screams ergonomic. Each lace comes with a special lock system that lets you wear the laces quite easily. Moreover, the design makes sure that compression is equally distributed all over the lace region.

Amazingly, they’re suitable for both kids and adults. To lock or unlock a lace, simply squeeze the buttons. Furthermore, Lock Laces saves you time. It is also ideal for physically impaired individuals and people suffering from arthritis.

  • Recommended for people with arthritis
  • Saves you lots of time
  • Comes with special lock feature

#9. LOLLIBEADS Sturdy Leather Lace

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Lollibeads is four meters thick and stretches 500 centimeters in length. It features a smoothened exterior and a rugged solid side. Moreover, Lollibeads offers you other color options depending on your taste.

This brown design is available in other lengths as well. You also get varying thicknesses depending on the eyelets on your shoes. Additionally, the robust design means it can stand lots of tensile force. Lollibeads is friendly to the environment.

  • Crafted in different thicknesses
  • Measures 500 centimeters in length
  • Crafted in various colors

#10. DANNER Shoelaces

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Danner has been around for almost a century. As such, the company has gathered sufficient knowledge in the craftsmanship of footwear products. Danner’s shoelaces arrive in beautiful packaging.

However, the rugged weaving makes them some of the best boot laces on our list. Each lace measures 160 centimeters in length hence suitable for boots with multiple eyelets. Moreover, the laces are designed with both men and women in mind.

  • Crafted by a reputable brand
  • Heavy-duty weaving that lasts longer
  • Suitable for both men and women

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