The Best Large Salad Bowls

Salads are tasty and amazingly full of color. They’re also healthy and incredibly easy to prepare. However, this meal tastes even better in a sizeable salad bowl. Salad bowls look fantastic at the table during dinner.
It’s like they rightly belong there. Thanks to the artsy design, most salad bowls complement the rest of the utensils on the table. On the other hand, picking the right bowl can be a bit of a task. If you’re still undecided about what bowls to settle on, we have you covered.
We have an entire list of unique salad bowls on the market. Whatever your favorite size or material is, our list has it all. Here is our compilation of the best large salad bowls.

Best Large Salad Bowls

#1. LIPPER Family Salad Bowl

Lipper International Acacia Wave Serving Bowl
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If you are one of those people who fancy wooden utensils, then we’re sure you’ll love Lipper’s salad bowl. Amazingly, it is designed from real acacia. Furthermore, it’s large enough to serve an entire family.
Lipper has a smooth brown furniture finish. It’s effortless to wash using the hands and does not require a dishwasher. To take good care of your Lipper bowl, do not use it to freeze or cook foods in the microwave.

  • Made from actual wood
  • Big for whole family use
  • Comes with a smooth finish

#2. LE TAUCI Giant Ceramic Bowls

LE TAUCI Pasta Bowls
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Le Tauci’s large ceramic set comes with four snow-white bowls. Thanks to the robust build, each bowl is microwave and dishwasher compatible. Moreover, they are round in shape and stable. Each dish is easily portable.
Also, the thick build makes the bowls durable. Besides salad, they’re ideal for serving just any kind of food. Le Tauci bowls are perfect for small families. Besides white, they’re available in other colors, including grey and blue.

  • Made using ceramic
  • Ideal for small families
  • Available in other colors

#3. Y YHY Porcelain Salad Bowl

Y YHY Pasta Bowls 30oz
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Everybody loves porcelain. Anything looks good in porcelain. That’s what you get with the Y YHY ceramic bowls. Whether you’re having salad or pasta, these bowls are all you need. Furthermore, the bowls are scratch proof and shock resistant thanks to the premium build. Moreover, unlike glass, the bowls don’t break or crack easily. The set comes with up to six bowls, perfect for large families. They are exceptionally easy to clean.

  • Crafted from superior quality porcelain
  • Comes with a scratch-resistant exterior
  • Ideal for salads and other meals

#4. HM-TECH Bamboo Crock

8PCS Large Salad Bowl Set
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Are you looking for a pampered chef wood salad bowl & servers set? Well, look no further. Try HM-Tech’s Bamboo wooden salad bowl set of 8. You get a larger bowl and smaller ones. Now, incredibly, the larger bowl comes with a gorgeous lid that is also bamboo. Additionally, the lid can double up as a chopping board. The bamboo material is scratch resistant. Moreover, the bowl is environmentally friendly.

  • Crafted from eco-friendly bamboo
  • The largest bowl comes with a lid
  • The set carries several bowls

#5. DOWAN Slanting Bowls

DOWAN Salad Bowls
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If you’re looking for the best salad serving set, you will love Dowan’s slanting salad bowls. The set comes with two bowls, each of a different size. Additionally, each bowl is constructed from porcelain. Remarkably, the bowls are safe for use in the microwave or freezer.
On the other hand, the bowls are corrosion-proof hence will not discolor. The sloppy design makes Dowan’s bowls stand out. If you own a restaurant, your customers will love these bowls.

  • Comes with appealing inclined design
  • Safe for microwaves and freezers
  • Built from corrosion-resistant porcelain

#6. ANBNCN Milky Soup Basin

AnBnCn SaladSoup Bowls
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ANBNCN’s dish set comes in a pack of three super salad bowls. Each bowl is white and features a smooth black rim. If you’re looking for the best salad serving set, ANBNCN’s pack is another good option.
Also, the porcelain material used is strong and durable. Moreover, the bowls are huge enough to serve a large family. Besides, each bowl features a deep base designed to hold large quantities of salad.

  • Comes with an in-depth design
  • Ideal for salads and soup
  • Constructed from actual porcelain

#7. DOWAN 2 Set Bowls

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Are you looking for both heat and cold friendly salad bowls? Well, Dowan’s stackable bowls are all you need. They’re wide hence perfect for any salad serving. They’re also conveniently deeper hence ideal for serving lots of soup.
Furthermore, despite the smooth polish, the bowls are surprisingly strong. Moreover, the set comes with two of these beautiful bowls. Apart from white, the salad bowls are available in green and blue colors as well.

  • Comes with heat and cold resistant design
  • Available in varying colors
  • Features a broad and deep design

#8. GIBSON Acacia Salad Bowl

Gibson Home Laroda 3 Piece Salad Bowl Set
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If you’re looking for something close to a vintage wooden salad bowl set, Gibson has your back. The items are all crafted from true acacia. Additionally, you also get a wooden fork and a wooden serving spoon. Gibson’s bowl set is something to put a smile on your guests’ faces. The brown wooden design will add warmth and touch to your home. Moreover, unlike typical salad bowls, Gibson comes in an elegant oval shape.

  • Comes in an attractive oval design
  • Created from real wood
  • Comes with a vintage-inspired look

#9. KOOK Pounded Feature Urn

Double Wall Serving Bowl
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There aren’t lots of steel salad bowls out there, which is why you should get your hands on Kook’s salad bowl. The bowl comes with a double layering of robust, food-grade steel. Moreover, unlike plastic or ceramic, steel doesn’t break at all.
Kook’s stainless steel bowl offers you that and more. It comes with a polished, attractive texture you will love to have at the table. It is lighter hence easy to carry around in the house.

  • Built from stainless steel
  • Fitted with dual layers
  • Lasts longer than porcelain

#10. PRODYNE Colorless Salad Dish

Prodyne Acrylic Salad Bowl with Servers
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Prodyne is one of the marvelously unique salad bowls on our list. First, it’s made of acrylic glass. It sports a dazzling transparent design, which is what you need for your salad. Secondly, Prodyne’s salad bowl is fitted with stands that give it even a more stunning appearance. Additionally, Prodyne comes with two serving spoons, also made of acrylic. The bowl and servers are dishwashers compatible, so you don’t need to worry about cleaning.

  • Comes with stunning transparent design
  • Accompanied by serving spoons
  • Fitted with stands

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