The Best Kites for Beginners Review

It’s no secret that technology has pushed out many fun things that keep people physically active. For the most part, everybody is always glued to either a smartphone, a laptop, or even a tablet. However, it is still wise and healthy to put away these gadgets and just get out there and have real fun.
Flying kites is one way to do so. Moreover, kites are inexpensive, they’re cute, and come in all colors and sizes. They let you experience the real world and appreciate nature as the wind blows around you.
Kite flying for beginners requires only a couple of hours of training. It’s almost a cakewalk. We’ve compiled a list of the best kites for beginners to get you started.

Best Kites for Beginners

#1. STUFFKIDSLOVE Adults and Kids Delta Kite

Best Delta Kite
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Delta kite is all quality fabric. The parachute is high-end nylon. It is attached to rustproof, bendable rods that are 152 centimeters wide and 260 centimeters wide. Even if the parachute crashes, the high-quality material still makes up for that.
The flying 500-centimeter long line comes with a sturdy handle that makes flying it smooth and effortless. This colorful kite also comes with a carrying bag with a handle.

  • Sturdy crash proof materials
  • Comes with a carrying bag
  • The flying line has a handle

#2. MILKY HOUSE Triple Pack Kites

Milky House 3 Pack Octopus Kite
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The octopus inspired kites from Milky House come as a set of three beautiful pieces. This set includes some of the best parafoil kites you can ever get. Each kite adorns a different set of colors, including red, green, and blue.
Additionally, they’re ideal for persons of all ages. If you need some large kites for the beach, try these three adorable kites. They’re easy to set up and require no frames.

  • The set comes with carrying a purse
  • Comes as a set of three
  • Ideal for all ages

#3. AGREATLIFE Large Kite

aGreatLife Huge Rainbow Kite
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It’s not all the time that a kite comes with a guidebook. Fortunately, you can count on this model. The richly colored parachute spots all the colors of the rainbow just perfect for an unforgettable summer.
It is a marvelous way to introduce your kids to kite flying for beginners because it is simple to fly around. The Agreatlife kite is one way to gauge your kid’s mind and teach them how to control stuff.

  • Spots vivid rainbow colors
  • Ideal for kite flying beginners
  • Comes with a handy guidebook

#4. HONBO Large Kite

HONBO Large Delta Kites
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The Honbo kite features what is undeniably the best kite design. Besides the stunning bright rainbow shades, Honbo features a sturdy fiberglass structure that holds the durable parachute.
Setting up the rest of the kite is pretty forward as it comes with a set of instructions. Moreover, this kite can sow higher thanks to the generously long line attached to the handle. This Honbo model is one of the best kites 2020 so far.

  • Ideal for adults and kids
  • Features an impressive design
  • Comes with fiberglass frame

#5. IN THE BREEZE Diamond Rainbow Kite

In the Breeze Rainbow
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The modestly designed diamond shape kite is 69 centimeters long and measures 58 centimeters in width. It features vivid shades of the rainbow and has three ribbons on the tail. Thanks to the amazingly simple design, it is ideal for kite flying for beginners.
Furthermore, the material is lightweight hence easy to fly and coordinate. It comes with a smooth handle and a long sturdy string for the line. Setting it up is way easy.

  • Features a simple, modest design
  • Comes with vibrant rainbow shades
  • Durable, lightweight fabric

#6. HENGDA Octopus Kite

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Hengda octopus is a precise software-generated kite. Every length of this kite is well designed by the computer to match your flying needs. The kite takes the shape of an octopus and is good for a great day at the beach.
It is one of the best parafoil kites for kids age five and above. Additionally, it comes with a conveniently compact carrying pouch so the kid can easily take it to the playground.

  • Generated by computer software
  • Comes with portable carrying pocket
  • Easy to fly around

#7. WISESTAR Large Kite

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The Wisestar kite comes with a 50-meter long line securely attached to a handle. Besides kids age eight and above, it is also perfect for adults and senior adults. The lightweight rods that keep the chute in place are easy to remove and reassemble.
After taking out the parts, the Wisestar kite can be packed in a portable pouch it comes with. The chute is sturdy polyester material and can stand harsh landings.

  • Comes with long flying string
  • Easy to reassemble
  • Comes with light carrying bag

#8. EMMA KITES Kids and Adults

emma kites
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Designed with kids and learner adults in mind, this kite features an entirely orange parachute and rainbow ribbons. The Emma kite flies effortlessly even during a light breeze, thanks to the versatile design and the lightweight parts.
The resin rods are bendable and can stand the sudden change in wind direction when the kite is airborne. Furthermore, this kite is easy to carry around since it comes with a compact portable bag.

  • Intended for kids and adults
  • Brightly colored orange chute
  • Flies even during light winds

#9. SMALL FISH Diamond Kite

Easy to Fly Diamond Rainbow Kite
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The Small Fish diamond kite is for toddlers, adults, and kids. It comes with attractive sunny colors inspired by the rainbow. The focal point, however, is the waterproof fabric used to make the parachute.
Additionally, it flies in the air for longer sessions, even during light winds. A fiberglass frame maintains the diamond shape while the waterproof fabric ensures the kite flies even after it touches water. The entire kit weighs less than a pound.

  • Comes with waterproof fabric
  • Flies even in light winds
  • Comes with malleable fiberglass frame

#10. BREEZE STORE Red Diamond Kite

In the Breeze Red
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Red is a loveable color. This red diamond kite from the Breeze store is all you need to show your loved ones that you adore them. The kite is lightweight, and flying it is a piece of cake.
The fabric used to construct the chute is robust and can stand harsh winds. Additionally, the material can stand ultraviolet light from the sun. If you’re new to kite flying, this kite is a big way to start.

  • Comes in adorable red color
  • Lightweight and easy to sail
  • Ultraviolet rays resistant fabric

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