The Best Indoor And Outdoor Hanging Egg Chairs Review

Egg chairs are a creative way to wind down and relax. They’ve been around for close to half a century to prove how popular they’ve become. Besides, they’re trendy, and the artistry put in the design of any egg chair is impressive.
Additionally, they take up very little space. They’re also very comfortable. Furthermore, hanging egg chairs blend anywhere. You can get one for your living room or library. Alternatively, you can have them hanging outside in your garden or patio.
Nonetheless, there’s the dreary dilemma on making up your mind on which egg chair to buy. Don’t fret; we have that covered. In this top 10 review, we describe for you what to look for in a hanging chair.

Best Indoor And Outdoor Hanging Egg Chairs

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#1. ISLAND BAY Resin Espresso Hanging Egg Chair

Resin Wicker Espresso Hanging Egg Chair
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The Island Bay egg chair design comes with your comfort in mind. Additionally, it is luxurious and secure, thanks to the beautiful and intricate build. Moreover, the seat, designed and woven from sturdy materials, will, therefore, last you for years.
If you prefer a hanging egg chair with stand, this model will not disappoint. It comes with a khaki cushion. The cushion, dotted with decorative tufts, gives it a homely finish. You can get this for your backyard.

  • Comes with a stand
  • Tough khaki cushion
  • Hangs on sturdy steel stand


Christopher Knight Home Leasa Outdoor
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We have another hanging egg chair with stand alternative for you, the Christopher Knight design. The durable wicker, woven from Polyethylene, can stand all weather conditions. Besides, the frame and stand are made from pure steel.
Additionally, the stand is 2 meters tall for ultimate comfort. The grey cushion in the basket is made from waterproof fabric. This makes the hanging chair perfect for outdoor use as well. The base is made from iron.

  • Waterproof cushion
  • Tall steel stand
  • Woven from sturdy Polyethylene material

#3. TOME Swing Chair

ToMe Foldable Swing Chair with Stand
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The Tome design can blend almost anywhere. Consequently, it can serve as an indoor hanging chair and still double up as an outdoor hanging chair. It is foldable, making it easy to store and transport. The wicker woven from weatherproof fabric can last long.
A strong chain hooks it to the thick frame stand. Furthermore, it comes with a cushion and an additional pillow for the ultimate experience. It features a broad base to keep it stable even while swinging.

  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Comes with cushion and pillow
  • Thick steel pipe stand

#4. LUCKYBERRY Egg Chair

Luckyberry Egg Chair Outdoor Indoor
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The unique teardrop shape inspires this Luckyberry hanging chair. The cushion design imitates the shape of a regular couch. It can easily withstand up to 136 kilograms in weight, and therefore is spacious enough to carry two people.
Additionally, the cushion is waterproof and can stand extreme ultraviolet light. The polyester coated cushion is a staggering ten centimeters thick. Moreover, the wick is attached to the firm stand by a flexible, sturdy hook.

  • Ten centimeters thick polyester cushion
  • Can carry two people
  • Waterproof cushion

#5. LUCKYBERRY Rattan Egg Chair

Egg Chair Rattan Swing Chair
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We have another Luckyberry hanging chair model on our list. It comes with a white polyester cushion. The cushion is waterproof and can stand excessive ultraviolet light from the sun. Accordingly, it is excellent for both indoor and outdoor use.
It can stand in a home library or outside in the garden. The wick basket is spacious as it is 88 centimeters wide. This model can hold up to 149 kilograms. Furthermore, it comes with iron-constructed frames.

  • Can hold 149 kilograms
  • Comes with weatherproof cushion
  • Spacious sitting basket

#6. BARTON Beige Outdoor Hanging Chair

Barton Outdoor Hanging Egg Chair Swing Lounge Chair
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The Barton hanging chair comes in an attractive design. Holding the basket to the stand is a sturdy springy hook. The cushion is made from a beige weatherproof fabric. Additionally, the cushion is fluffy and deep for a plush comfortable finish.
The detachable parts are easy to transport and reassemble. The frames are made from sturdy steel tubes. Simply station it wherever you want outside and enjoy your reading. You can also use it to take a nap.

  • Easy to detach and reassemble
  • Beige weatherproof cushion
  • Hooked using springy hook

#7. YESEA Swing and Egg Chair

Egg Chair Aluminum Frame Swing Chair
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The YeSea hanging egg chair with stand comes with a carrying capacity of 158 kilograms, fit for one person. The stand is 1.9 meters tall. The seat then hooks to the sturdy stand by a chain and bouncy hook.
The stand is kept stable by 96 centimeters broad base on all sides. Furthermore, the egg seat frame is made from rustproof aluminum frames. The waterproof cushion is held securely by flexible nylon ropes.

  • Large carrying capacity
  • Bouncy hook for flexibility
  • Wide stability-enhancing base

#8. BRAFAB Egg Chair

Brafab Wicker Rattan Hanging Swing Egg Chair
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The Brafab egg chair comes with frames constructed using aluminum. You can bring it to the beach to relax since the cushion is resistant to ultraviolet light. It is excellent for either indoor or outdoor use.
The stand comes in the form of sturdy steel tubes. Apart from a cushion, it comes with a pillow as well. The pillow and cushion are sewn with attractive tufts. It is roomy enough and is 74 centimeters wide. It is foldable.

  • Sturdy aluminum frames
  • Foldable hence easy to transport
  • Roomy and comfortable

#9. GRNERIC Aluminum Egg and Swing Chair

Egg Chair Aluminum Frame Swing Chair
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The Grneric hanging chair is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Besides a comfy cushion, it also comes with a pillow so that you can nap comfortably. The cushions are easy to remove and clean thanks to the convenient zippers. This chair carries one person.
Additionally, there’s a safety leash to keep the seat from moving while you’re trying to get up or sit. The frames are from sturdy aluminum, whereas the stand is robust steel that can hold your weight.

  • Comes with safety leash
  • Comes with cushion and additional pillow
  • Frames constructed from aluminum

#10. QINAI Hanging Seat Basket

QinAi Swing Hanging Basket Seat Cushion
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The QinAi hanging chair comes in an excellent design. The cushion is 15 centimeters thick and is stuffed with nontoxic pearl cotton. The cushion is made from durable fabric and is cleanable just by wiping.
The sturdy basket seat comes with hand holes on either side to help you while getting up. It can function as a hanging egg chair without stand. All you have to do is unhook the basket then hang it to a strong ceiling hook.

  • Can hook to the ceiling
  • Comes with convenient handholes
  • Cushion made from nontoxic fabric

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