The Best Food And Vegetable Steamers

Food steamers are the secret to flavorful meals. Unlike other cooking methods, steaming your food actually retains almost all the juice. In return, your food preserves most of its nutritional components like rich enzymes and vitamins.
Furthermore, using a food steamer tends to be impressively faster than conventional cooking methods like direct boiling. This is especially true for vegetables and even rice which is prepared in a matter of minutes.
Additionally, stackable food steamers are time savvy since they let you cook up to three meals simultaneously. Consequently, a steamer with several stackable pots makes the best commercial food steamer. In this review, we’ve drawn up a shortlist of the best food and vegetable steamers.

Best Food And Vegetable Steamers

#1. SECURA Stackable Food Steamer

Secura Electric Food Steamer
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Secura’s electric vegetable steamer features a stackable design with two additional pots that fit easily on top of each other. It comes with a brilliant control panel with all the buttons to let you keep tabs on the steaming process.
The control panel also has a timer to let you know how long each food cooks. Furthermore, this electric vegetable steamer comes with an auto-shutdown functionality when the food runs out of water.

  • Comes with stackable pots
  • Smart auto-shutdown feature
  • Also cook chicken and fish

#2. SECURA 2 Glass Lid Food Steamer

Secura 2 Stainless Steel Food Steamer
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Secura has consistently featured in the best food steamer Wirecutter list. Besides just vegetables, Secura 2 can prepare juicy chicken, delicious meat, and aromatic fish quite effortlessly. Aside from the main plot, it comes with two extra stackable steamer baskets.
Each basket comes from high-end food-safe stainless steel material. Secura 2 can cook three separate meals at the same time. It comes with an auto-shutdown feature for when water runs out in your food.

  • Cooks three meals at once
  • Comes with auto-shutdown functionality
  • High-end stainless steel

#3. AICOK Food and Vegetable Steamer

Aicok Food Steamer
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The Aicok food steamer cooks a wide assortment of foods, including boiled eggs, fish, and vegetables. If you’re looking for the best food steamer BPA free, with a powerful steam system, Aicok has you covered.
Additionally, the pot cooks fast thanks to a reliable 120-volt steam system. The highlight, however, is the self-timing functionality. This food steamer comes with a bell notification when food is ready or dry, so you don’t have to keep checking.

  • Made of BPA free parts
  • Comes with self-timing functionality
  • Comes with reliable audio notification

#4. HAMILTON BEACH Digital Steamer

Hamilton Beach 37530A Digital Food Steamer
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Hamilton Beach is known for lots of incredible products. This digital steamer does not disappoint either. The control panel features touchpads instead of traditional buttons. Furthermore, it comes with two stacks of steaming baskets together with a special rice pot.
It features an automated digital timer that shuts down when food is ready and adjusts the system to warm mode. Moreover, the steamer also features a water compartment for refilling if the food is not ready.

  • Comes with digital touchpad
  • Features water refilling slot
  • Comes with an automated timer

#5. CHEF’S STAR Steam Pot Stack

Chef's Star 3 Piece Stainless Steel Stack and Steam Pot Set
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Chef’s Star boasts of premium quality lustrous steel design. Additionally, the base of the pot features heavy-duty heat-conducting aluminum build. The base is also scratch-resistant and can stand corrosion. All the pots come with firm handles.
Chef’s Star pots are sizeable enough for family-size meals. Moreover, they’re ideal for just any meal preparation ranging from vegetables, meat to corn, and eggs. They’re easy to clean and are dishwasher compatible.

  • Ample for family meals
  • Feature high-grade steel material
  • Special aluminum base

#6. FARBERWARE Silver Steamer Saucepot

Farberware Classic Series Sauce Pot
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Farberware’s respected multiuse steamer comes with potentially the best vegetable steamer basket. The catch, however, is that the pot can be used even without the basket. The entire set comes with a glossy, high-end stainless steel build, presentable at the table for all meal occasions.
This Farberware steamer also features a beautiful, uniquely styled handle to make it stand out from other steamers. Additionally, it is easy to clean and does not require electricity to operate.

  • Works with or without a basket
  • Features high end, presentable finish
  • Requires no electricity to work

#7. Classic Cuisine Rice and Vegetable Cooker

Vegetable Steamer
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Whether you’re simmering the baby’s food or preparing a full meal for the whole family, this pot is all you need. The Classic Cuisine pot comes with a transparent lid to let you check food on the top stack.
Additionally, it features an easy to use knob and a timer so you can attend to other chores worry-free. It also comes with a water meter, so you’re aware of the water available to prepare your favorite stew.

  • Comes with water gauge
  • Top pot has a transparent lid
  • Comes with LED light timer

#8. OSTER White Food Steamer

Oster Double Tiered Food Steamer
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Whether you’re preparing poultry meat, boiling eggs, or cooking veggies, Oster does it all. It comes with two stacks of cooking pots so you can do two meals in a single session. All the cooking pots are conveniently transparent, so you can watch as your food cooks.
Moreover, Oster comes with a one-hour interval timer ideal for cooking hard foods. Additionally, the steamer automatically shuts down when water runs out in the pots.

  • Prepares different foods
  • Comes with self-timer functionality
  • Comes with transparent cooking bowls

#9. OXO Extendable Handle Steamer

OXO Stainless Steel
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Oxo features a unique, innovative build. The steamer comes with an impressive length-expandable knob that reaches the basket. This feature lets you refill the pot without taking off the lid. It requires no electricity to prepare food.
Additionally, each part is easy to wash either manually or using a dishwasher. If you’re looking for the best vegetable steamer basket, Oxo is the option you’ve been looking for. It is made of high-quality stainless steel.

  • Comes with an extendable handhold
  • Require no electricity to function
  • Easy to clean and reuse

#10. AOZITA Mesh Steamer Basket

Aozita Steamer Basket for Instant Pot Accessories
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Aozita’s steamer basket features an innovative steel mesh design that lets food get exposure to enough steam. It can hold different food varieties ranging from eggs to greens. Additionally, Aozita is compatible with most steamer brands and is a perfect way to upgrade.
The handle is silicone material and conducts away heat so that cooking goes on smoothly. Moreover, Aozita’s mesh steamer basket is easy to clean and does not retain rust and food particles.

  • Compatible with most steamer pots
  • Comes with heat resistant handle
  • Ideal for different food types

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