The Best Coffee Storage Containers Review

Proper storage is one significant way to ensure your coffee stays fresh. The quality of the coffee you drink is not just anchored on how or what machine you use. Part of the secret is better storage. If not kept in optimal conditions, coffee is eventually destroyed by either moisture, air, or heat.
When coffee is poorly stored, it becomes unsafe for ingestion and eventually loses its integrity. Well, thankfully, a lot of coffee storage containers come designed to make sure none of these elements harms your tasty coffee.
Coffee containers come in different sizes, including 5 lb coffee bean storage containers. Consequently, we’ve put together the best coffee storage containers.

Best Coffee Storage Containers

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#1. KKC HOME Transparent 2 piece Glass Set

Clear Glass Canister Jar Container Set
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The two pieces of coffee storage containers from KKC measure 18.7 centimeters in height each. Additionally, both coffee containers measure 9.4 centimeters in diameter. Each of the glass containers also comes with wooden lids. The covers feature silicone seals.
Furthermore, the design also ensures your coffee is safe from moisture. The high-quality glass is easy to clean. Besides just storing coffee, the glass jars can hold other foods like biscuits.

  • Comes with silicon-fitted lid
  • Attractive wooden lid
  • Keeps out air and moisture

#2. CHEF’S PATH Food Storage Set

Chef's Path Airtight Food Storage Container Set
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The set of coffee storage containers from Chef’s Path come in a bundle of seven beautiful pieces. Additionally, they come in varying sizes. Simply assign a few jars to coffee and the rest for other foods. Each of the squared shaped jars is fitted with heavy-duty plastic lids.
Additionally, accompanying the containers are labels, so you can indicate what each coffee container carries. The coffee containers can keep out air and moisture quite easily.

  • Comes in a set of seven
  • Accompanied by free labels
  • Attractive square shape design

#3. PLANETARY DESIGN Food and Coffee Canister

Airscape Coffee and Food Storage Canister
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Planetary Design’s Airscape coffee canister boasts of a sturdy stainless steel build. It can last you for years. It keeps coffee dry, thanks to the tight lid. The lid’s design is such that it can eject out any traces of air from the container.
However, it does not allow any moisture or air inside because the flow is one way. Additionally, the container can preserve other foods, beverages besides coffee. Furthermore, it is great for spices.

  • Made of robust stainless steel
  • Comes with air expulsion valve
  • Can store other foods

#4. COFFEE GATOR Coffee Container

Beans and Coffee Grounds Container
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The coffee gator canister can carry up to 623 grams of coffee beans. It features a stainless steel build. This coffee container comes with valves to eject toxic CO2 build up in your coffee beans. Furthermore, it is accompanied by extra valves just for that.
If you’re looking for a coffee container with a scoop, this stylish canister comes with that. Here’s the thrilling part though, the scoop is magnetic and sticks to the canister’s sides.

  • Comes with a magnetic spoon
  • Carries up to 623 grams
  • Comes with clip-fastened lid

#5. COFFEE GATOR Coffee Container

Coffee Canister
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The next coffee gator canister model on our list can store both coffee beans and ground coffee. It also sports a stainless steel design and comes with a steel scoop. The coffee gator canister comes with a tracker fitted on its lid to keep track of your coffee’s expiry dates.
The seal keeps out air, thanks to the double clasps that hold it securely in place. Additionally, the canisters come in multiple colors.

  • Durable stainless steel build
  • Fastened airtight lid
  • Comes with calendar tracker

#6. CAFETASTIQ Coffee Container

CafetastiQ Coffee Canister
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The Cafetastiq coffee canister is large enough to hold 623 grams worth of coffee beans. The stainless steel construction features a beautiful grey color and blends anywhere in the kitchen. Additionally, this coffee canister is accompanied with a scoop.
The scoop is held securely on a unique hook built on the coffee container. Besides whole coffee beans and ground coffee, this container can also store liquid coffee. It is safe for all food types.

  • Features a stainless steel construct
  • Accompanied by a scoop
  • Perfect for all food types

#7. HOKEKI Steel Coffee Container

Airtight Coffee Canister
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Hokeki’s coffee container comes with a carefully crafted lid. The coffee container comes with a stainless steel build that is rustproof. Furthermore, it is effortless to clean. When sealed, it creates the perfect vacuum for your coffee to stay pure.
Additionally, it is accompanied by a spoon. Apart from just coffee, Hokeki’s coffee container is ideal for tea, herbs, and spices. Furthermore, it comes with a calendar tracker to let you keep the tabs on expiry dates.

  • Crafted from rustproof material
  • Comes with a scoop
  • Fitted with expiry calendar tracker

#8. TIGHTPAC AMERICA Coffee Container

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Tightpac’s coffee container relies on vacuum sealing technology to keep your coffee aromatic and fresh. It expels carbon dioxide from your coffee without letting in moisture and oxygen. It is large enough to carry up to half a kilogram of coffee beans.
Aside from coffee, Tightpac’s coffee container can store cereals. The lid is tight and spots a press button, just like the Oxo coffee container. Simply press it when you need to take off the top.

  • Button controlled lid
  • Can hold 500g of beans
  • Perfect for other foods

#9. PROGRESSIVE INTERNATIONAL Coffee Container bread storage

Progressive International Large Coffee ProKeeper Container
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Innovative design is what describes this coffee container. Unlike most coffee containers where the scoop is stored outside, this one has its scoop fitted inside the lid’s interior. There is also an optional bread compartment designed into the lid.
The lid is airtight, thanks to the silicone strip around the lid’s rim. To make sure the lid stays locked, it comes with a snap-off latch. Additionally, the cap is attached to the container using steel hinges.

  • Scoop latched on lid’s interior
  • Translucent UV-proof container
  • Hinged, snap-sealed lid

#10. OGGI Brushed Steel Canister

Oggi 60-Ounce Brushed Stainless Steel
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While the container is solid steel, the lid takes the form of a transparent airtight silicone seal. It is easy to clean, and the process is as simple as wiping it with a wet piece of cloth. The lid takes a flip design.
It is attached to the container through a sturdy hinge. The lid is lockable, thanks to an ergonomic latch. It can carry up to 1.7 kilograms of coffee and keep them fresh for days.

  • Transparent, airtight lid
  • Glossy, easy to clean container
  • Larger carrying capacity

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